24. Other operating income

  2011 2010 2009
Reimbursement of losses incurred from universal services fund 11,528 11,297 11,012
Gain on disposals of other assets 132 138 105
Reimbursement of other losses incurred 246 83 48
Fines and penalties 536 617 418
Income on Goverment grants 11 - -
Other income 2,185 2,494 2,669
Total other operating income 14,638 14,629 14,252

In 2011 the Group received grant from the Ministry of Communications for compensating expenses associated with the organization and implementation of activities under the project "Organisation of highgrade access to information networks through a satellite communications system." The Government grant received amounted to 1,105 and initially was recognised as long-term deferred income. As at December 31, 2011 long-term deferred income associated with the grant was included in other non-current liabilities in the accompanying consolidated statement of financial position in the amount of 1,094. For the year ended December 31, 2011 income related to the grant of 11 was recognised in other operating income in the accompanying consoldated statement of comprehensive income.